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May 17, 2019


May has been a very productive month so far! CLICK HERE to see a BEAUTIFUL waterfront home on Portage Lake! Very impressive home. Everybody here at NMLB wishes you a great Spring!

May 13, 2019


A beautiful day today! CLICK HERE to see a beautiful log home not far from Copper Harbor, on Lake Bailey! Also, CLICK HERE to see a great price on two lots on Lake Superior that already have significant site improvements done for you. Enjoy the May sunshine!

May 10, 2019


Sunshine is back! CLICK HERE to see a great, private place on Appleseed Road near Tapiola! We also closed on some large acreage in Houghton today. Nice weather = work, all of the agents have appointments throughout the weekend. Have a great day!

May 6, 2019


It finally feels like Spring in the Copper Country! Lots of sales happening, and several new listings hitting the market. CLICK HERE to see a beautiful home we just listed outside of Houghton today. Also, CLICK HERE to see a very welcoming, unique log home on acreage near Rice Lake. Lastly, CLICK HERE to see an opportunity to own over 5 acres of residential property right in Houghton not far from Michigan Tech. Lots of great listings are coming available!

April 23, 2019


Due to the fire next door yesterday (found out it was started by a toaster in an apartment), we didn't have power today until after lunchtime, but now we are back in action. CLICK HERE to see a beautiful large parcel on Lake Superior in Baraga County! Enjoy the sunshine today!

April 18, 2019

Hockeyville USA

We got some steady rain last night, which helped push down the snow even more. We've had a real busy week here, and also got a deal accepted this morning on a nice home in Calumet. Speaking of Calumet, did you hear about Calumet winning the national contest to be called Hockeyville USA? If not, CLICK HERE to read about it. As a result, the stadium will receive $150,000 in rink upgrades, $10,000 worth of equipment, and will host a NHL preseason game between the Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues, right in Calumet! Copper Country Strong...

April 11, 2019


The snowstorm is just now starting here at 6 pm. Good chance schools will be closed tomorrow, but we'll see. CLICK HERE to see a great price on a really nice 80 acre parcel near Lake Linden. You could also buy 40 acres of this for $25,000. Drive safe out there if you are in the snow belt!

April 4, 2019


Warmed up a bit today. CLICK HERE to see a really nice, sizable home in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Houghton. Today we wrapped up a closing on some nice Lake Superior frontage in Stanton Township, it is nice to see some waterfront moving so early in the season. Have a nice day!

April 3, 2019

Early April

CLICK HERE to check out a beautiful, modern home with extras just outside of Houghton! Have a good day!

April 2, 2019


A great new listing hit the market today! CLICK HERE to see a beautiful new log home on Rice Lake! That place is literally the Upper Peninsula Dream. We wrapped up a closing on a home in Mohawk today, as well as some land in Ontonagon County. Have a great day!



Our Featured Listings

  • Watersmeet: $ 16,900
  • Allouez: $ 895,000
  • Pelkie: $ 399,500
  • Nisula: $ 129,500
  • Lake Linden: $ 499,500
  • Covington: $ 69,900
  • Michigamme: $ 349,900
  • Covington: $ 20,000
  • Lake Linden: $ 15,000
  • Lake Linden: $ 79,900
  • Alston: $ 27,500
  • L'Anse: $ 42,900
  • Michigamme: $ 79,900
  • Pelkie: $ 19,900
  • Skanee: $ 88,000
  • Skanee: $ 30,000
  • Skanee: $ 32,000
  • L'Anse: $ 82,500
  • Alston: $ 12,900
  • Eagle River: $ 350,000