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January 4, 2019


Friday already! Today we closed on a nice waterfront parcel on Torch Lake, so that is a great way to start off the new year! We've got some new listings coming your way already, so keep checking in!

December 31, 2018


2018 was a great year! The real estate market continues to improve, and our hard work resulted in our best year yet! Thank you to those of you who have worked with us in the past, and we look forward to working with all of our existing and new clients in the future!

December 21, 2018


Have a great Christmas everyone!

December 19, 2018


Happy Wednesday! Today we closed on a 40 acre parcel near Bootjack, as well as a house in Calumet. CLICK HERE to check out a great 45 acre parcel on Wolf Creek, near Lake Superior in the Misery Bay area. This is a really nice piece of land! Have a great day!

December 17, 2018


Christmas is coming, but the weather sure seems mild for this time of year. CLICK HERE to see a new price on a beautiful custom built home in a great neighborhood in Hancock. We've got some new listings coming up this week, so we're out trying to get good pictures while we can with this good weather. Have a great week!

November 21, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving from NMLB Houghton!

November 7, 2018

Early November

The wet conditions seem to never end this fall, but work is still busy. CLICK HERE to see a nice home near Jacobsville that Becky listed today. Also, CLICK HERE to see a big price drop on our nice listing on Appleseed Road near Tapiola. Try to stay warm and dry out there!

October 24, 2018


Nice sunshine today! We got a few more deals together this week, vacant land seems to be picking up a bit. CLICK HERE to see a really special place available on Brockway Mountain near Copper Harbor! Work continues to be busy, especially considering the poor weather we've had this month. This has been one of the busiest Octobers that I can recall here in real estate. November will be here before you know it!

October 17, 2018

Mid October

Another snowy morning! We've had snowfall off and on this month, but it never stays around. CLICK HERE to see a great 40 acre parcel on a lake! Very affordable too. It is still a busy time of year. Wrapping up a bunch of closings from deals put together over the past few months, and there are still plenty of deals still coming together as we speak. Real estate never truly stops, even in our climate. Take care!

October 10, 2018

Early October

The Keweenaw has been receiving rain almost daily so far this month! Nasty conditions, but it really hasn't seemed to slow down the real estate action. We are still getting steady showing requests and new listings. CLICK HERE to see a great price on a very nice home in Mohawk! We hope to see some sunshine soon!



Our Featured Listings

  • Skanee: $ 30,000
  • Lac La Belle: $ 195,500
  • L'Anse: $ 48,000
  • Skanee: $ 32,000
  • L'Anse: $ 82,500
  • Houghton: $ 270,000
  • Ewen: $ 59,900
  • Alston: $ 12,900
  • Calumet: $ 23,900
  • Redridge: $ 109,900
  • Eagle River: $ 350,000
  • Lake Linden: $ 24,000
  • Sidnaw: $ 129,000
  • L'anse: $ 39,900
  • Baraga: $ 56,000
  • Houghton: $ 14,900
  • Baraga: $ 39,900
  • Hancock: $ 16,900
  • Hancock: $ 16,900
  • Mohawk: $ 129,000