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October 17, 2018

Mid October

Another snowy morning! We've had snowfall off and on this month, but it never stays around. CLICK HERE to see a great 40 acre parcel on a lake! Very affordable too. It is still a busy time of year. Wrapping up a bunch of closings from deals put together over the past few months, and there are still plenty of deals still coming together as we speak. Real estate never truly stops, even in our climate. Take care!

October 10, 2018

Early October

The Keweenaw has been receiving rain almost daily so far this month! Nasty conditions, but it really hasn't seemed to slow down the real estate action. We are still getting steady showing requests and new listings. CLICK HERE to see a great price on a very nice home in Mohawk! We hope to see some sunshine soon!

October 3, 2018


October is here! The weather has been kind of wet, but the real estate world keeps on turning. Fall colors are pretty close to peak right now, so be sure to get out and enjoy one of the prettiest times of year!

September 24, 2018


Fall is here! What a great time of year to live in the U.P.! CLICK HERE to see a beautiful 40 acre parcel that we just listed near Houghton/South Range. Enjoy the rest of September!

September 14, 2018

Hectic Friday

Hectic day for sure! We closed on a waterfront parcel near Dollar Bay, some vacant land in Stanton Township, a cabin in Mass City and some waterfront in Baraga County. We've got multiple offers on our Chassell Painesdale house, and we're listing a couple more places as well. We also wrote an offer on a house in Portage Township. Please enjoy a beautiful September weekend!

September 13, 2018


This month is flying by! Still busy with closings, showings and new listings. CLICK HERE to see a BIG price drop on a large piece of waterfront on Bayshore Drive near L'anse. That one is a good buy at that price! These last weeks of summer are flying by...

September 7, 2018


Another beautiful day in the Keweenaw! CLICK HERE to see one of the prettiest 80 acre parcels you will ever find (complete with hobby farm and buildings) near Pelkie. Have a great September weekend!

September 6, 2018


Beautiful weather is back! CLICK HERE to see a price reduction on a nice home near Chassell. Enjoy the sunshine!

August 31, 2018


August is over already? Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!

August 30, 2018

End of August

The last couple weeks have been hectic! Lots of new deals coming together, as we are seeing a strong 'end of summer' push. Meanwhile it is slowly but surely starting to feel like Fall out there, which is a favorite time of year for many up here!



Our Featured Listings

  • L'Anse: $ 119,500
  • Twin Lakes: $ 134,900
  • Alston: $ 19,900
  • Eagle Harbor: $ 250,000
  • Paynesville: $ 99,900
  • Chassell: $ 25,000
  • Eagle Harbor: $ 875,000
  • L'Anse: $ 69,900
  • Sidnaw: $ 89,000
  • Houghton: $ 18,000
  • Houghton: $ 17,000
  • Bruce Crossing: $ 24,900
  • Eagle Harbor: $ 799,500
  • Calumet: $ 15,000
  • Twin Lakes: $ 85,000
  • Twin Lakes: $ 39,900
  • Pelkie: $ 399,500
  • Allouez: $ 222,000
  • Baraga: $ 149,500
  • Toivola: $ 34,900