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  • Houghton: $ 35,000
  • Alston: $ 27,500
  • L'Anse: $ 39,900
  • Houghton: $ 29,900
  • Houghton: $ 29,900
  • Houghton: $ 29,900
  • Houghton: $ 29,900
  • Hancock: $ 119,900
  • Lake Linden: $ 299,900
  • Watersmeet: $ 159,000
  • South Range: $ 229,500
  • Watersmeet: $ 16,900
  • Baraga: $ 75,000
  • Iron River: $ 25,000
  • Iron River: $ 224,900
  • Houghton: $ 79,900
  • Calumet: $ 350,000
  • Lake Linden: $ 379,000
  • Mohawk: $ 329,000
  • Lake Linden: $ 350,000

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NMLB Updates


July 17, 2019


Things are still as busy as ever. CLICK HERE to see a big price drop on a great place on Lake Superior west of Houghton. This one is getting to be an exception value for someone. Also, CLICK HERE to see a great new listing near Matchwood, 159 acres of really nice property! July is moving quickly!

July 15, 2019


It is sunny and plenty warm in the Keweenaw. We put a few new deals together this weekend, and closed on a couple last Friday. Couple of price drops to show you, CLICK HERE to see a new price on a great home in Houghton, and also CLICK HERE to see a new price on a really nice home in Ripley. Enjoy the summer weather!

July 10, 2019

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

We're going to skip a day from real estate updates and encourage you to watch the video below about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Short documentary that is so interesting, especially hearing the radio calls from that sad/historic night. Check it out!